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Fly Fishing Reels Fly Fishing Reels
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Featured Products

Featured Products

"Close to Home" - Bob White"Close to Home" - Bob White
4 Panel Permit by Derek DeYoung4 Panel Permit by Derek DeYoung
Blue Ribbon Nets - Jacklin Madison modelBlue Ribbon Nets - Jacklin Madison model
Bonefishing Belize - art by Rebecca HaydockBonefishing Belize - art by Rebecca Haydock
Cutthroat Pepper SauceCutthroat Pepper Sauce
Deluxe Fly Tying KitDeluxe Fly Tying Kit
FC - Wooden Net w/ Rubber NettingFC - Wooden Net w/ Rubber Netting
Fly Fishing Crazy CapFly Fishing Crazy Cap
Granger Taper Bamboo Fly Rod BlankGranger Taper Bamboo Fly Rod Blank
MooseKnuckle Carbon Fiber LanyardMooseKnuckle Carbon Fiber Lanyard
Nymph Assortment - 18 Flies TotalNymph Assortment - 18 Flies Total
Stone Creek Cutthroat Series Fly RodStone Creek Cutthroat Series Fly Rod
Stone Creek HG Series Fly RodStone Creek HG Series Fly Rod
Stone Creek Looped Knotless Tapered LeadersStone Creek Looped Knotless Tapered Leaders
Stone Creek MINI Rod and Reel ComboStone Creek MINI Rod and Reel Combo
Stone Creek Printed Forcep/Nipper SetStone Creek Printed Forcep/Nipper Set
Stone Creek TROUT STALKER2 Complete Rod and Reel OutfitStone Creek TROUT STALKER2 Complete Rod and Reel Outfit
Stone Creek Trout Stalker2 Mini Fly ReelStone Creek Trout Stalker2 Mini Fly Reel
Strawberry Brook - A.D. MaddoxStrawberry Brook - A.D. Maddox
Just Great Fly Reels

Just Great Fly Reels

No overpriced, "Yuppie" brand Fly Reels here!  Just affordable Quality and Value in Fly Fishing Gear, grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable and stay a while.
Browse through our Affordable Fly Reels

Browse through our Affordable Fly Reels

Years ago, I used to think that the only real purpose of a Fly Fishing Reel was to hold the extra line that I currently didn't need to cast. The Fly Reels I used had click drags and no palming rim to apply additional drag when required. Today's Fly Fishing Reels are not only more functional but in some cases technological Works of Art. A good Fly Reel frame is precision cut from a single piece of aluminum stock. The same for the spool. This gives Fly Reels the strength to provide many years of service. The Fly Reels are light weight, have fewer parts, adjustable disc drags and an exposed rim on the spool so you can supply that extra bit of fish stopping power by applying pressure with the palm of you hand.



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Elkhorn Classic Series Fly ReelElkhorn Classic Series Fly Reel
Elkhorn MA Fly ReelElkhorn MA Fly Reel
Elkhorn T-Series Fly ReelElkhorn T-Series Fly Reel
Elkhorn Z-Series Fly ReelElkhorn Z-Series Fly Reel
Stone Creek Trout Stalker2 Fly ReelsStone Creek Trout Stalker2 Fly Reels
Stone Creek Trout Stalker2 Mini Fly ReelStone Creek Trout Stalker2 Mini Fly Reel
The solitude of a trout stream or the calm waters of a lake have a healing power that can't be explained, but also, can't be denied!  Healing our soldiers can be a long process. We help them reconnect with the peace for which they fought so hard!
I am a proud volunteer for Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing.  The Denver chapter is currently teaching disabled Veterans to tie flies and cast a fly rod.  We now offer rod building classes for veterans.  The flies they tie will be lost or tattered with use, but a fly rod can be be a life long companion in their fly fishing efforts.
Support our Disabled Veterans. We owe them so much more for keeping us safe and protecting our Freedom. Visit ProjectHealingWaters.org today and get involved in your area.