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Fishing Apparel, Gear and Accessories Fishing Apparel, Gear and Accessories
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Fall Blowout Sale

Fall Blowout Sale

Featured Products

Featured Products

"Close to Home" - Bob White"Close to Home" - Bob White
- Fish Creek Brightwater Fly Rod- Fish Creek Brightwater Fly Rod
4 Panel Permit by Derek DeYoung4 Panel Permit by Derek DeYoung
Blue Ribbon Nets - Jacklin Madison modelBlue Ribbon Nets - Jacklin Madison model
Bonefishing Belize - art by Rebecca HaydockBonefishing Belize - art by Rebecca Haydock
ComforTrails TentsComforTrails Tents
Cutthroat Pepper SauceCutthroat Pepper Sauce
Deluxe Fly Tying KitDeluxe Fly Tying Kit
EVENING DRESS BLUES Grade "Project Healing Waters" Fly RodEVENING DRESS BLUES Grade "Project Healing Waters" Fly Rod
FC - Wooden Net w/ Rubber NettingFC - Wooden Net w/ Rubber Netting
Fish Creek Machined Fly ReelsFish Creek Machined Fly Reels
Fly Fishing Crazy CapFly Fishing Crazy Cap
Granger Taper Bamboo Fly Rod BlankGranger Taper Bamboo Fly Rod Blank
MooseKnuckle Carbon Fiber LanyardMooseKnuckle Carbon Fiber Lanyard
Nymph Assortment - 18 Flies TotalNymph Assortment - 18 Flies Total
Stone Creek Cutthroat Series Fly RodStone Creek Cutthroat Series Fly Rod
Stone Creek HG Series Fly RodStone Creek HG Series Fly Rod
Stone Creek Looped Knotless Tapered LeadersStone Creek Looped Knotless Tapered Leaders
Stone Creek MINI Rod and Reel ComboStone Creek MINI Rod and Reel Combo
Stone Creek Printed Forcep/Nipper SetStone Creek Printed Forcep/Nipper Set
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We Offer Affordable Fishing Apparel and Fly Fishing Vests

We Offer Affordable Fishing Apparel and Fly Fishing Vests

I used to think that any old clothes would work for fishing. Wrong! It's all about comfort and safety with fly fishing apparel. Can you fish in Jeans and a T-shirt? Of course! But today's high tech fabrics, fishing vests, and fly fishing apparel will make your day on the river, lake or salt flat not only more comfortable, but safer.
"Safer"... how? On a trip to Alaska in July, we saw a couple bicycling in a downpour. They were wearing jeans and sweatshirts, which were drenched. Our guide made an interesting observation when he said, "Here in Alaska, more people are killed by cotton, than by Grizzlies and Moose combined". Play it safe... wear the right fly fishing apparel!
If your clothes hold the moisture, they transmit the cold to your skin, causing hypothermia and sometimes death. Today's fast drying synthetic sporting fabrics will dry faster and allow your body temperature to return to normal much quicker.
So what about a blistering hot day. Again, cotton retains sweat and sticks to your skin, making you feel "clammy". The faster that perspiration evaporates, the cooler you'll feel. Another feature of today's fly fishing equipment apparel is UV Sun Protection. So, always wear the proper fly fishing apparel whether you're camping, hiking, hunting, biking, playing soccer or fishing. You'll be more comfortable and SAFER! Besides, you want to look the part, don't you?
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Fish Creek Streamer Fly BoxFish Creek Streamer Fly Box
Fly Fishing Crazy CapFly Fishing Crazy Cap
Fly Fishing Crazy's Tech Fishing ShirtFly Fishing Crazy's Tech Fishing Shirt
MooseKnuckle Carbon Fiber LanyardMooseKnuckle Carbon Fiber Lanyard
Stone Creek - Cordura 6 Reel SuitcaseStone Creek - Cordura 6 Reel Suitcase
Stone Creek - Side Winder - Side Fishing BagStone Creek - Side Winder - Side Fishing Bag
Stone Creek Classic Split Willow CreelsStone Creek Classic Split Willow Creels
Stone Creek Collapsible Wading StaffStone Creek Collapsible Wading Staff
Stone Creek Fishing VestStone Creek Fishing Vest
Stone Creek Gear BagStone Creek Gear Bag
The solitude of a trout stream or the calm waters of a lake have a healing power that can't be explained, but also, can't be denied!  Healing our soldiers can be a long process. We help them reconnect with the peace for which they fought so hard!
I am a proud volunteer for Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing.  The Denver chapter is currently teaching disabled Veterans to tie flies and cast a fly rod.  We now offer rod building classes for veterans.  The flies they tie will be lost or tattered with use, but a fly rod can be be a life long companion in their fly fishing efforts.
Support our Disabled Veterans. We owe them so much more for keeping us safe and protecting our Freedom. Visit ProjectHealingWaters.org today and get involved in your area.