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Fall Blowout Sale

Fall Blowout Sale

Featured Products

Featured Products

"Close to Home" - Bob White"Close to Home" - Bob White
- Fish Creek Brightwater Fly Rod- Fish Creek Brightwater Fly Rod
4 Panel Permit by Derek DeYoung4 Panel Permit by Derek DeYoung
Blue Ribbon Nets - Jacklin Madison modelBlue Ribbon Nets - Jacklin Madison model
Bonefishing Belize - art by Rebecca HaydockBonefishing Belize - art by Rebecca Haydock
ComforTrails TentsComforTrails Tents
Cutthroat Pepper SauceCutthroat Pepper Sauce
Deluxe Fly Tying KitDeluxe Fly Tying Kit
EVENING DRESS BLUES Grade "Project Healing Waters" Fly RodEVENING DRESS BLUES Grade "Project Healing Waters" Fly Rod
FC - Wooden Net w/ Rubber NettingFC - Wooden Net w/ Rubber Netting
Fish Creek Machined Fly ReelsFish Creek Machined Fly Reels
Fly Fishing Crazy CapFly Fishing Crazy Cap
Granger Taper Bamboo Fly Rod BlankGranger Taper Bamboo Fly Rod Blank
MooseKnuckle Carbon Fiber LanyardMooseKnuckle Carbon Fiber Lanyard
Nymph Assortment - 18 Flies TotalNymph Assortment - 18 Flies Total
Stone Creek Cutthroat Series Fly RodStone Creek Cutthroat Series Fly Rod
Stone Creek HG Series Fly RodStone Creek HG Series Fly Rod
Stone Creek Looped Knotless Tapered LeadersStone Creek Looped Knotless Tapered Leaders
Stone Creek MINI Rod and Reel ComboStone Creek MINI Rod and Reel Combo
Stone Creek Printed Forcep/Nipper SetStone Creek Printed Forcep/Nipper Set
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Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing.... on Twitter!

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing.... on Twitter!

Perfect Fly Fishing Lineup

Perfect Fly Fishing Lineup

FLY FISHING CRAZY has assembled a lineup of some of the best FLY RODS, FLY REELS, FLY ROD BLANKS, FISH ART and FISHING APPAREL available today! The quality of the rods from the manufacturers on this site will not only match, but in most cases, surpass the quality of the big name brands that the FLY FISHING community recognizes. Call me CRAZY, but I want to be able to sell you, my customer, the best products at the best prices on the internet. If you can find these products for less, let me know.

The FLY RODS are from T.L. Johnson Rod Co., Elkhorn Rod and Reel, and Stone Creek Ltd. with fishing vests from Stone Creek. They offer Trout RODS, Big Game and Spey RODS. Most are High modulus Graphite, but if you're CRAZY about Bamboo FLY RODS, you'll find them here, too. There's also a resurgence in Fiberglass (Glass) rods. Check out the ones from T.L. Johnson, they've come a long way since the '80s. The latest high-tech glass fibers and low modulus graphite are used to create a rod that you can really feel the loading of the ROD, allowing you to cast with power, but have the delicacy to really feel the fight of smaller fish.

Build your own FLY ROD from the selection of FLY ROD BLANKS and KITS. We have high quality FLY REELS that rival the big names in durability and smoothness of drag at more affordable prices.

Our Fish Art Gallery is one of the best on the internet. Fish Art and Fishing Art prints from Mike Savlen Studios, Derek DeYoung, Rebecca Haydock, A.D. Maddox and now, recently added Whitefish Studio - Bob White artist.



If you are not CRAZY  about FLY FISHING, then you're not a fly fisherman. FLY FISHING becomes a passion, some even say an obsession. The goal of FLY FISHING is to "Perpetrate the Fraud". The fraud is using an artificial fly and the perpetration is presenting it to the fish in a manner that looks real and natural.

And remember... "FREE SHIPPING" on "ALL ORDERS" in the U.S.



If you're looking for "Yuppie" Fly Rods & Reels, you won't find them here. Fish can't read the label on your fly rod or fly reel, but they respond well to presentation.  So if you're looking for the best fly fishing gear and aren't hung up on name brands...

Grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable and browse a while.
Choose from 100% U.S. made models or quality affordable import brands... Competetive prices!  You can call me prejudice if you want (but I wouldn't bank on that) when I say I carry 100% U.S. made flyrods that will rival or beat Sage, Winston, Scott, etc. for $100 less.   



Today - FREE SHIPPING, within the U.S.A.  Tomorrow - a Free Fly Rod and Fly Reel for everyone. :-)

    New Products

    New Products

    Recently added product

    We've just added Stone Creek Knotless Tapered Leaders to our lineup... because of our Free Shipping policy in the U.S.,  we require you order an minimum of 6 leaders.  Either 6 individual leaders or 2 - 3 packs. 

    These Looped Leaders are designed to turnover easily under most any conditions.  Using advanced production techniques, technology & materials, these leaders are durable and dependable. Great for streamer, nymph or dry fly fishing! 
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    FC - Wooden Net w/ Rubber NettingFC - Wooden Net w/ Rubber Netting
    Stone Creek Cutthroat Series Fly RodStone Creek Cutthroat Series Fly RodThe New and Improved Stone Creek HG Series rods are an upgrade from their highly successful HALCYON™ Series Fly Rod! Manufactured with High Modulus technology to be lightweight and responsive, it features a Moderate/Fast Action moss-green matte finish, a gold aluminum reel seat to compliment their Halcyon™ Fly Reels. Rod Tube INCLUDED.
    Stone Creek HG Series Fly RodStone Creek HG Series Fly RodThe New and Improved Stone Creek HG Series rods are an upgrade from their highly successful HALCYON™ Series Fly Rod! Manufactured with High Modulus technology to be lightweight and responsive, it features a Moderate/Fast Action moss-green matte finish, a gold aluminum reel seat to compliment their Halcyon™ Fly Reels. Rod Tube INCLUDED.
    Stone Creek Looped Knotless Tapered LeadersStone Creek Looped Knotless Tapered Leaders
    Custom Tied Flies

    Custom Tied Flies

    Ken's Custom Flies

    Flies by Ken's Custom Flies - a custom tyer who has been featured at the Denver Fly Fishing Show every year. Shipping is covered. You just have to buy a 2 dozen minimum, but those 2 dozen will cost less than a dozen at your local fly shop.

    New  from Ken's Custom Flies - one of the deadliest still water flies - The THINGAMAJIG!!!!! Thingamajig Don't laugh at the name. This fly is credited with confirmed catches of Trout over 26", Sockeye Salmon, Arctic Grayling (400+ in 3 days), Catfish (25"), BIG Bluegill (11"), Largemouth, Smallmouth, Perch, Crappie, Pickeral, and Pike. Because it is tied on a jig hook, this fly sits horizontal in the water column, so it looks realistic even when fished still under a Thingamabobber.



      Project Healing Waters fly rod

      You're looking for a new fly rod.

      Scenario 1: You go to the nearest fly shop and pay $300 - $800 and you get a nice rod.

      Scenario 2: You pay $369 - $489 for a Project Healing Waters fly rod... you get a great custom built fly rod made in Colorado, free shipping in the continental U.S., and 20% + $20 gets donated to Project Healing Waters to help our wounded and disabled vets.

      IT'S YOUR CALL!        and  It's well worth the 4-8 week build time for these custom U.S. made fly rods!

      Fly Fishing Crazy EXCLUSIVE

      Fly Fishing Crazy EXCLUSIVE

      Project Healing Waters fly rod Blue Nickel

      Custom wrapped Project Healing Waters fly rods - approved by Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc.

      Buy a fly rod... help a SOLDIER heal!

      Fly Fishing Crazy, with permission from Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc,, has asked T.L. Johnson Rod Company, one of the best rod builders in the U.S., to build a series of custom fly rods with 20% of sales going to Project Healing Waters.  Terry Johnson and I have now partnered on this deal and the donation has been sweetened by an additional $20.  So now it is "20% +$20" for each fly rod sold, donated to Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Inc.  The redesigned rods come in 4 grades - "Enlisted" Grade, "NCO" Grade, "Class A" Grade and "Evening Dress Blues" Grade.

      It's hard enough to find a 100% U.S. built fly rod starting at $369, but to be able to have a custom fly rod built and help out our Veterans is hard to pass up.  For more details on the Project Healing Waters fly rods, click here. 

      Read the Reviews of these great fly rods... 
      http://www.examiner.com/fly-fishing-in-national/project-healing-waters-rod-from-tl-johnson-teams-up-with-vets-catches-fish-review Brian La Rue of the "Fly Fishing Examiner" writes: "This American-made rod casts with the best of them. With a mid-ranged price tag, I couldn't tell you if I had a Sage One, Orvis Helios or T.L. Johnson PHW rod in my hand. It loaded quickly and shot line upriver with the best of them."
      http://compleatthought.com/2011/10/03/project-healing-waters-fly-rods/ Kyle Perkins "compleatthought.com" writes: "I talk over and over again that you really can get a great rod and don’t have to pay a $700 price tag. Well, this is one of them, and the custom scribe on the rod adds to the appeal." 
      http://www.upthepoudre.com/2011/10/project-healing-waters-rod-review.html Sean Sanders "upthepoudre.com" says: "I was really pleased that the quality of the rods matched the quality of the organization that they support."  
      http://backcountryfishnerd.wordpress.com/2011/11/16/project-healing-waters-is-a-go-over-click/ David Goodrich "The Backcountry Fish Nerd" wrote: "I loved the 4wt. You could feel the rod load and release, giving you a smooth and accurate cast with a great presentation." 
      http://www.fishingpoet.com/2011/11/fly-rods-for-a-great-cause/ Matt Smythe "The Fishing Poet" tested a 6wt on New York's Salmon River Steelhead: "I mentioned the Salmon River trip and Larry generously offered to have a prototype rod sent to me to try out– a 9′ 6wt. 4-piece (691-4) all-purpose, wrapped in BDU colors (Olive w/NCP Olive accent) with a black anodized reel seat, fighting butt and full wells grip. I was impressed by it’s look right out of the rod tube. Big fan of the matte finish." 

      Because of the customization available, please allow 4-8 weeks build time!  That's not that long of a wait for a beautiful custom fly rod. 

      High Tech Fishing Shirts and Caps

      High Tech Fishing Shirts and Caps

      FINALLY.... "FINALLY"Fly Fishing Crazy now has beautifully embroidered Caps and High Tech Fishing Shirts
      What if Fish could READ...

      What if Fish could READ...

      Fish might be greatly impressed by some of today’s “glamour” FLY RODS. You know the ones – trendy names, slick advertising, hefty price tags.  Truth be told, the only thing that impresses fish is presentation.  Fish are impressed by how naturally your fly settles on the water, how delicately your rod mends line for a drag-free-drift, how exacting your cast is delivered to precisely where the fish is feeding, and how sensitively your dexterity is transmitted from fly rod to fly line to fly to water to fish. 

      That’s why Fly Fishing CRAZY sells FLY FISHING RODS that are built for down-to-earth fly fishers who want fine, affordable, honest performance and quality above fancy labels and high budget-advertising.  Graphite FLY RODS from ELKHORN, T.L. JOHNSON RODS, FISH CREEK, STONE CREEK, and REDINGTON.  Fiberglass Fly Rods from T.L. JOHNSON RODS.  100% U.S.A. made Fiberglass, Graphite and Bamboo FLY RODS from T.L. JOHNSON RODS, as well as U.S.A. made Bamboo FLY RODS by MATT SCHLISKE.

      Several of our fly rods are not your "run-of-the-mill", built in mass quantities, variety.  Shipping these fly rods will require a couple of extra days or even weeks, because they need to be built, just for you, finished and dried before shipping.  Now that's freshness!
      TL Johnson Discontinued Fly Rod Blanks

      TL Johnson Discontinued Fly Rod Blanks

      T.L. Johnson Blem and Discontinued Fly Rod Blanks.  GREAT DEAL - U.S. made Fly Rod Blanks!  Don't forget SHIPPING in the U.S. is on "my dime"!

      Unbelievable deals to be had, limited stock on some models.  All models are discontinued colors, models or slight cosmetic blems.  Blanks themself are first rate.  Blemished blanks have small, almost imperceivable, imperfections in the paint that make them not production quality.  These blanks are U.S. made by T.L. Johnson Companies.

      Get more than 65% off a high end Extra Fast action T L Johnson Legacy Series Graphite Blank, his Legacy Light or his Synergy Light 2 Blank.  Terry has made available some blems that are either discontinued colors or have minor cosmetic flaws that are almost unperceivable scratches in the paint.  Being the perfectionist he is, Terry can't sell these as new so we are going to blow them out at unbelievable prices. These blanks normally sell for $342.50 now $125.00 $120.00. Completed production rods are $685.  
      He is also blowing out his discontinued 3 piece Legacy Light and TETON series.  Normally these blanks are $342.50 now $125.00 $99.00-$104.00.
      How about a med/fast action T L Johnson Emerger Series Blem and Discontinued Stock Blank?  Full retail on these blanks is $187.50 now $90.00 $89.00Completed production rods sell for $375.

      Blems are sold as-is with no warranty.  If you break it, sections may be able to be replaced on a case by case basis at a cost of $45 per section (if available) plus shipping both ways.  For these blank prices, it's probably more cost effective to buy another blank.
      New 2011 Lineup of T.L. Johnson fly rods

      New 2011 Lineup of T.L. Johnson fly rods

      TL Johnson Fly Rods
      The new lineup of fly rods are here!  His name hand inscribed on every fly rod. This is not a printed logo like most rods. It is the name of the man who oversaw the wrapping of graphite on a mandrel, selected the resin, and inspected the wrapping of guides and applied the finish. Built with better components and Terry's perfectionist personality, his rods are better than ever.  Check them out and get your low serial number rod before the other guys!  It's time for the big names to build it right or go home.  This is T.L. Johnson country and he is gunning for your business.
      Compare with Brodin Nets!

      Compare with Brodin Nets!

      If you intend to release the fish or even have a chance of landing that trophy, a well designed fishing net makes the difference.  Premium quality, high performance landing nets individually handcrafted and designed for freshwater.

      Blue Ribbon Nets are built to last a lifetime with 4-wood construction consisting of a variety of combinations of Spruce, Ash, Cherry, and Walnut. The wood is finished in a hand rubbed marine grade satin. They have developed and manufactured their own net bags from a fine soft mesh. These bags feature a double taped flat center seam, resulting in a bag that is gentle on fish and long lasting. This design and method of construction are unequaled in the industry. All models carried by FLY FISHING CRAZY are also available in either light weight and/or heavy rubber net bags.

      Fly Fishing CRAZY T-Shirt
      "Wear the Bear" FLY FISHING CRAZY T-Shirts!  
      And Now, Kids T's...
      Starting at just $16 for Adult Tees and $15 for Kid's Tees!  
      And now I have embroidered CAPS and UPF-30 rated Vented Fishing Shirts, with my Bear logo emproidered over the right pocket!
      Gorgeous Elkhorn Ladies Series HOT PINK, Purple and Raspberry Fly Rods.  
      BUILD your own custom FLY ROD with our Fly Rod Blanks or buy a factory built Fly Rod. Plus a Great selection of Fly Reels, Bamboo Fly Rods, Fish Art and Fishing Apparel - all at great prices, so you can go as CRAZY over FLY FISHING as you want.
      The solitude of a trout stream or the calm waters of a lake have a healing power that can't be explained, but also, can't be denied!  Healing our soldiers can be a long process. We help them reconnect with the peace for which they fought so hard!
      I am a proud volunteer for Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing.  The Denver chapter is currently teaching disabled Veterans to tie flies and cast a fly rod.  We now offer rod building classes for veterans.  The flies they tie will be lost or tattered with use, but a fly rod can be be a life long companion in their fly fishing efforts.
      Support our Disabled Veterans. We owe them so much more for keeping us safe and protecting our Freedom. Visit ProjectHealingWaters.org today and get involved in your area.